Clean rivers, thriving cities

Swimmable Rivers is a citizen initiative stemming from the Amsterdam City Swim (ACS), which gathers knowledge, brings together expertise, and inspires with the aim of making rivers swimmable

Swimmable Rivers is a citizen initiative stemming from the Amsterdam City Swim (ACS), which gathers knowledge, brings together expertise, and inspires with the aim of making rivers swimmable

Drivers to success

Learn about the pillars that drives swimmability success.

Improved perception

Positive public perception of urban water, triggered by for example (sports) events, accelerates the use of urban water for swimming.

EU water policies

European water policies create a framework for mandatory water quality improvement.

Public Commitment

Public advocating for liveable waterfronts and improved water quality leads to effective change.

Reducing CSO discharge

Decreased combined sewer overflow discharge greatly reduces water pollution and enables safe swimming

Swimmable cities

Our mission is to enhance the water quality of city rivers worldwide.




Blogs & knowledge

The story of Paris

Paris has a long history of swimming in city waters. What is the story of paris and how can the Olympics be linked? …

The Global Water Summit 2024

London played host to a congregation of blue-minds, hearts, and ambitions last week at the Global Water Summit 2024….

Everyone Should be
able to swim

Upcoming Events


September 4, 2024

Join us in Paris during the Paralympics for a unique Swiminar experience! Hosted by Dutch Wavemakers, this event will dive into the topic of the Seine’s Swimmability.


September 7, 2024

A Swiminar centered around the Amsterdam city swim. Our annual celebration of the swimmability of city rivers. Join us!


September 8, 2024

Amsterdam will turn into a Swimmable City once. More than 3000 people will swim through the Amsterdam Canals to raise money to fight the deadly ALS disease.

Past events

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