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Knowledge and updates about Swimmable Rivers.

The Amstel Swiminar

Last Friday, on World Water Day, Swimmable Rivers teamed up with WorldWaternet to pay homage to water in a unique way—by taking a refreshing dive into the Amstel River!…

Sickness in Sunderland

Why are Swimmable Rivers important? While it is true that you can technically swim in any body of water, an incident during the World Triathlon Championship Series highlights the significance of having clean and safe waters for swimming. …

Yvette Tanah's 40-day swim down Ghana's Volta river

In a remarkable expedition, Yvette Tanah undertook a 40-day swim down Ghana’s Volta River, covering a distance of 450km, to bring attention to the environmental impact of textile microfibre pollution and the escalating…

Video 'reinventing the Seine'

AIWW Keynote Paul Kennouche – Reinventing the Seine…

AIWW 2023

Last week Swimmable Rivers was present at the Amsterdam International Waterweek (AIWW). Together with Paul Kennouche from the city of Paris, Mariett…

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